KinKonnect Contact Page

Have a kinship legal guardianship related question? 
Please feel free to contact us via telephone or email. 
Simply call the phone number listed below or click on the
email address and submit your question.

Dana Woods Fried
        Assistant Director

        Direct Number: (201) 740-7129

Greg Cwynar           
Program Evaluator / Webmaster
Direct Number: (201) 740-7130

Cynthia Lapidus   
                    Warm Line Support Worker
                                            Warm Line Service - 877-KLG-LINE (1-877-554-5463)
Direct Number: (201) 740-7132

  Maria Y. Munoz       
Warm Line Spanish Support Worker
                                            Warm Line Service- -877-KLG-LINE (1-877-554-5463)
Direct Number: (201) 740-7131


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